24lolmaster's Blacklight: Retribution (PC) review

Its okay but not a massive thing


Blacklight: retribution commonly known as BLR is a free-to-play follow up to the 2010 game Blacklight: tango down. at the moment it is only available on higher end PC's but has been announced as a supposed release for the PS4. after amassing a total of 10 hours of play time on this game as i do on other games i review i have come to a conclusion. this game is a much better- gameplay wise & visually wise then Blacklight: tango down but still not good enough to get a 4 star from me, even though it is free-to-play game is not anything to be screaming and shouting about. i found it alright to play, its is defiantly not a £40 pound game. so if you want to just have a game that when your bored you can turn to and play for a hour or two, then this is the game to play do remember that this game does require quite a high end PC to play with at least a pixel.shader 3.0 graphics card- full requirements on steam

Requires Connection to download and play (available on steam)


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