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An Arcade game worth it's price. 0

Right off the bat Blacklight: Tango down deserves a bit of bashing because of their Slogan "An AAA game for 15 bucks." This is not an AAA game in terms of disk games. But what this is a very well made game. For PSN XBLA or Steam for 15 bucks you will never get a better price. This game takes the best of several Big shooters(going off 360 specifically) Halo series and Call of duty 4 and up with button controls, twitch shooting, and heavy customization. Despite these great things to say there are ...

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Blacklight: Tango Down 0

Blacklight: Tango Down (XBOX 360 Version) (**MULTIPLAYER ONLY GAME**)   Developer: Ignition Entertainment Publisher: Zombie Entertainment Systems: PC, PS3, XBOX 360 Genre: Shooter (FPS) Rating: Teen Score: 7/10 Recommendation:  Buy (If you are “between games”) Pros: + For a game without the backing of a major publisher or developer such as Ubisoft, EA, or any of a large number of others, it is really a great game + Automated turrets prevent deep spawn camping + Digital grenades (Think s...

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Not For Me 0

Zombie Studio’s made big claims when they first revealed Blacklight: Tango Down way back when. They promised to give gamers many of the features they would expect to find in a full $60 retail first person shooter, but in a small $15 downloadable package. Now the game has finally hit the Xbox Live Marketplace. Have the team at Zombie Studio’s managed to create something that would rival today’s heavyweight first person shooters? Well that’s what we are here to find out. Let me start by sayi...

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If this game doesn't live up to the $15 price point, nothing will 8

  Here's my gameplay video/review....

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Blacklight is a cheap generic shooter 0

My initial reaction to the cover-art of Blacklight was, “Equilibrium style futuristic warfare eh? Sign me up!” 10 of my earth pounds for multiplayer goodness without all of the trim… sure, why not? Unfortunately my fantasies of shooting motorcycle helmeted goons will have to remain unfulfilled for the time being. While Blacklight is a decent piece of gunplay, its sights are set too high and it’s ultimately ended up as shadowy corpse in the wake of the top shooters on the market today. Blacklight...

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Blacklight: Tango Down 0

Blacklight: Tango Down is a pretty fun game...if you can find people to play it with.  This is in regard to the PC version of course which at the moment seems a little underpopulated, the biggest match up I played was a 3v3. It is currently a 15 dollar game so you would think it would pick up more players, maybe so but at current time of this writing it suffers from a small community and thus small games. The idea behind this game is pretty straight foward....take COD: MW2 add some sci-fi ghost ...

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