shimastu's Blacklight: Tango Down (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

An Arcade game worth it's price.

Right off the bat Blacklight: Tango down deserves a bit of bashing because of their Slogan "An AAA game for 15 bucks." This is not an AAA game in terms of disk games. But what this is a very well made game. For PSN XBLA or Steam for 15 bucks you will never get a better price. This game takes the best of several Big shooters(going off 360 specifically) Halo series and Call of duty 4 and up with button controls, twitch shooting, and heavy customization. Despite these great things to say there are some flaws. The Co-op Missions aren't very well made and feel more like an afterthought since the voice acting isn't very good, there is no definitive boss or feeling of accomplishment when doing them. The leveling up system which is nice the customization can be harsh since people with higher levels will have better diversity with guns such as the Sniper only becomes a true OHKer at the 3rd Preset. Although camping is curved a bit, it's possible to lock an entire team of low level guys in their spawn point because they don't have the tools to fight out. Lastly is the symbols on the customization window and the lack of help identifying them without forcing you to extensively test everything rather then knowing what everything does. All in all the game is very fun, addictive, and the guns make you feel like you aren't being limited to only a few types but to how you enjoy playing (at least when you unlock a majority of the pieces to help with your play-style.)


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