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Blacklight: Tango Down

Blacklight: Tango Down is a pretty fun game...if you can find people to play it with. 
This is in regard to the PC version of course which at the moment seems a little underpopulated, the biggest match up I played was a 3v3. It is currently a 15 dollar game so you would think it would pick up more players, maybe so but at current time of this writing it suffers from a small community and thus small games.

 The idea behind this game is pretty straight foward....take COD: MW2 add some sci-fi ghost recon shit and there ya go.
It uses the persistent unlock features of COD:MW2 as you do matches or co-op which give you new weapon mods. 
Once you start getting enough parts you can actually make variants on gun types like instead of an assault rifle you can make a close quarters combat rifle or attach a virtual sight on your gun instead of iron sights...which is weird because it offers no distinct advantage over the iron sights except you get this fancy green holographic sight instead. 
Later unlocks change your armor, camouflage, and helmet. Some of the unlocks are pretty much for show and really don't alter your gun i.e. different clips on your weapons, you would think this would change the mag size or type of ammo fired but purely it just makes the gun look different and nothing else.

The weapon tags are cool as they really change how the guns do damage, so you can get a weapon you like get a tag attached to it and make the gun work to your play style. 

Your HRV does come in handy but the fact that the enemy has it does make some of the matches turn into camping tournaments to see who is gonna move first once the RV mode goes down. 
I never did get a chance to do Co-op mode with anyone but did try it by myself and the A.I. is really dumb, saw them getting stuck on world objects like boxes or blatantly   running towards you to melee you from a very long distance so you can just blast them down.
The other thing that bothers me is lack of a text chat other that the Games for Windows Live messaging system that is incorporated into the game. You have to either have a microphone to communicate with the GFWL software or be a mute that does none other than stick with the team mates but can't give heads up in situations. I personally have a mic so this isn't an issue but for those who rely on text for whatever reason you will not find it here.
BL:TD also uses migrating hosts so should one get D/C or leave the match restarts once a new host is picked up. When matches start and players drop there doesn't seem to be a way to get players to join the match while it's in progress so during one game which was a 3v3 it eventually turned into a 3v1 simply because my two teammates dropped out and all of sudden I find myself taking on the other team and finally realizing I have no back up.
All in all, it's easily an affordable FPS by any means, you could pick this up as an alternative to MW2 easily but it doesn't have much of a player base so hopefully more people pick it up but it doesn't have very many PC friendly features we have all grown accustomed to using in shooters online.  I give it 3 out of 5 because it is fun but needs more people and be sure to have a headset ready.

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