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Black/Matrix 00 (pronounced Oh Oh, believe it or not) is an adaptation/remake of Black Matrix Zero (GBA, 2002) in that it mostly features all the same characters, story and gameplay but with a significant number of major changes.

This is the fourth game in a series which began on the Sega Saturn in 1998. By the time of Black/Matrix 00's release on PlayStation in May of 2004 the Dreamcast had been out for five years and the PlayStation 2 for four. You can rest assured that an game exclusive to the PS1 in 2004 was a surprising thing. What made this release especially so is the history of the franchise itself:

  • Black/Matrix - Saturn,1998; Dreamcast, 1999; PS1, 2000
  • Black/Matrix II - PS2, 2002
  • Black Matrix Zero - GBA, 2002
  • Black/Matrix 00 - PS1, 2004

This makes the Black/Matrix franchise among the very short list of games that had a sequel come out exclusively on an older console. Being such a late release, it ended up being - just as predicted then - the very last game for the PlayStation in Japan.

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