New Blade Runner movie coming.

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I just saw this article on Yahoo! saying that Ridley Scott is making a new Blade Runner movie but it won't be a remake It'll either be a prequel or sequel. Actually, read it yourself lazy! 
If you didn't read the article, Ridley has the rights to make a movie and feels that there shouldn't be a remake because the original Blade Runner is Blade Runner. Get it? Yeah, me either. They don't have a script but is looking for someone to write one. Yada, yada, yada. 

Now, I'm only 19 so you can't give me crap for this, but I've never seen the movie but I'll probably watch it tonight on the website I watch movies on. If you want a link, here.

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Firstly Wiki Boards are for the discussion of the specific game that the wiki details. Secondly there is already a thread to discuss this topic here.


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