ravenhoe's Blade Runner (PC) review

Makes up in art direction what it lacks in design

I am big fan fan of Blade Runner and Ridley Scott in general. So I was pleased when Blade Runner was released and despite the lack of anything resembling good 'ole Harrison Ford, the game recreated the Blade Runner universe quite well. As a game, Blade Runner is a solid mystery adventure. Tracing suspects, looking for clues and solving the odd puzzles with loads fo dialogue thrown in for good measure. The game had seven different endings. And while that is quite a lot, and the endings differ quite severely from each other (maybe you are a replicant yourself, maybe you are not, who knows ?), yet the game is not non-linear or random (like the PR tried to make the world think), there are simply quite a few key decisions which alter the outcome of the game. The game truly shines in art direction, the location designs, sounds and the music are amazing and make up for the weak story and average game mechanics. The game has quite a few interesting in-game tools to analyze clues (photoscanner etc.), yet it does seldomly make use of them, which is quite the design flaw in my opinion. Another plus is, despite the story being rather flat, it is without a doubt written for a mature audience as it makes quite obvious references to drug abuse and sexuality.  
All in All, a very intense gaming experience, especially or maybe only if you are an adventure game and / or Blade Runner enthusiast. Still, the franchise screams for a remake (maybe a MMO ?) 
Posted by RiddleBrother

Cool that someone put a review of this up. I've always wanted to play it. Not sure I agree with the MMO suggestion, but I def. think the universe is ripe for a new game.

Posted by padrino

I remember this game fondly. As I recall, its was pretty fun. For its time, it was certainly a stand out title just for pulling off a movie license as well as it did.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Strange, yeah, I heard that the game was supposedly more random than I've recently learned.  Good point!
I liked that it ran parallel to the movie, so that they both sort of happened concurrently.

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