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You need to defeat the evil tyrant Murk. Find seven fragments of a stone. Each is owned by a powerful wizard whom you have to find. On his way back and forth through the country, you will encounters numerous monsters of various types. Against the weaker ones, his sword proves to be powerful enough. Later in the game, tougher opponents await you. To beat these, you can combine ingredients you've picked up to make magic potions and spells, or trade in other items for spells at the wizards. A fresh mix of side-scrolling fighting action and and touch of adventure is presented in an imaginative way. Instead of 'regular' graphical representation with sprites, you only get to see the silhouettes of everything in the foreground. Trees, bushes, bridges, monsters and even your own sprite are just black shapes. The backgrounds consist of the sky tinted in dark shades of blue and grey.  It adds to the game's specific look and atmosphere.

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