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Blade is a character that was created for the arcade version of Street Fighter: The Movie despite not being an actual character in the movie and has not been featured in any other game in the Street Fighter series since, including the home version of the game. Blade is one of four Bison Troopers that was transformed into a cyborg in an experiment the other three cyborgs; Arkane, Khyber and F7 are all secret palette swapped versions of Blade. In the canon of the game he is actually Gunloc from Saturday Night Slam Masters, the brother of Guile on a mission to infiltrate the Shadaloo and gain information about the organization until he gets transformed into a cyborg. It should be noted that none of this is considered official canon and it is not widely accepted that Gunloc is actually the brother of Guile. Blade uses a fighting style that incorperates the use of a knife, a taser and grenades. Blade is portrayed by game designer Alan Noon.

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