Anyone got this on PC?

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And if so, how is it? Is it out on Steam (yet)? Just found out about this, and it's been a while since I've manipulated time, so I'm interested if this game is any good.

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I may be wrong, but I dont think its out for pc yet, if it is I wish I knew because I wanna try it out.

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Ah. The release date for PC is apparently today.

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@valrog said:

And if so, how is it? Is it out on Steam (yet)? Just found out about this, and it's been a while since I've manipulated time, so I'm interested if this game is any good.

I don't have and probably won't get this for PC - I played it once and that's enough for me - but I can give you some information:

A PC version exists and can (or needs to) be activated on Steam, at this time it cannot be purchased directly using the Steam Store, as far I know.

A Limited Edition of the PC version exists and includes:

  • Dismal Swamp DLC, play as 'Michelle' for an alternative perspective/scenario;
  • Sky Islands map for the Outbreak (online) mode;
  • PDF Art Book;
  • Hi-resolution Wallpapers;
  • Original Soundtrack in MP3 format.

DLC can also be purchased separately, but at this time appears to be exclusive to the PC version.

YUPLAY seems to be the sanctioned and so far only e-tailer for pre-order or purchase of the PC version. (navigate the links for more info on pricing and information)

Caveat Emptor: I have no experience with this particular site, so I cannot judge the quality or reliability of their service. Unless you have had this burning desire to play the game on PC and can't hold it any longer, it could be wise to wait until more details become available. Alternatively, you could ask them in their own forums for more clarification.

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@d0rks: I see. What did you play it on? Can you describe the gameplay, controls? Thanks for your time.

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I do think Jim Steerling likes it, but it seems he likes alot of junk really.

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it's out on steam right now, and is on sale.

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It sucks ass, don't get it. It's made by the same people who did X-Blades, another terrible action game.

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I got this PC version with cracked. But it doesn't have much fun........Just like the DMC4.

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Have any of you lot been able to download the demo for this game via Steam. I Click on Download Demo and I just get a loading icon for 10 seconds, the page refreshes and then nothing?

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Just a heads up on steam its five dollars cheaper if you buy the digital limited edition rather then the regular game, this includes a ten dollar dlc code, so its like 15 dollars cheaper I guess.

Also im dling it now, ill let you know what I think after.

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