I played 150 hours of this game... *Spoilers*

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Huge shame that it was underappreciated, I really loved the game and I think if the reviewers spent more time on it, to the point of at least the Battle of Crecy when the Long Bows were available to use they might have enjoyed it more and see the strategy in the game.

My favourite unit would probably be the Camels, I love them, along with John Talbot and John Fastolf.

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Wow, and I though I put too much time into this with my now measly 60 hours.

When I leveled up horses to 100% missions became a breeze, I can't stand to use other units because they are too slow now, but I only just got to level 4 fame so I haven't tried the magic and chariot units.

Koei's games have a special hold on me, I curse them for their reptilians right up to the 50th hour of each iteration of their different series, which I swore I won't buy to begin with.

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woopdeedoo, you should see how many hours i played cod4

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TwoOneFive said:
"woopdeedoo, you should see how many hours i played cod4"
It's not the point really, since :
a) CoD 4 is mainly played for it's multi player (Unless you've spent hundreds of hours on the single player campaign, which will be something).
b) CoD 4 is acclaimed by critics and millions of people, unlike this game.

I think that the op isn't tryig to (necceraly) brag about how much he played the game, but that he thought the game was so addicting that he couldn't let go for that amount of time, which I agreed with.

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If i like dynasty warriors is there a good chance i will like this?

more or less the same?

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Rowr said:
"If i like dynasty warriors is there a good chance i will like this?

more or less the same?"
Main difference is that it isn't a button-masher per-se, you have to constantly hold the charge button and watch your hero/unit duke it out, it's a lot more strategic than the dynasty warriors games and less action-y.

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