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The Game is exactly what it calls itself

  Playing this game, I'm confused about why it's taken so long for it to be released on the PSP. After all there is absolutly no new content. This game is a straight port of the console version. Now, as the PSP itself is excellent at 2D games, you'd expect it to look like a non HD version of the game. Unfortunately    , This game looks like it could be run on a NDS instead. Some character sprites are all surrounded by black lines, and all are in low resolution. The gameplay itself, though works well as the characters move swiftly from animations and have plenty of moves. The fighting system itself takes some time to get used to, because the moves themselves are hard to pull off. This is created by strange controls that utilze the analog stick for combos and the d pad for movment. Of course this means button mashing becomes one of the few strategies for beginners, and at the beginning you'll find yourself standing in one place launching out attacks from long range. Intrestingly, the Characters, voice acting and character art(during dialouge) is all intact from the console version, and even the horribly drawn school and branching story is there. These serve as nice touches, and were one of the reasons I was able to finish the game. Another gameplay problem I should mention is the combo system. As combos are already hard to pull off, some of each character's basic moves will prove cheap and easy ways to win most battles.  The backrounds do look nice, and use multiple planes as well as small movement, but you'll probably be more consumed by the fighting and won't be paying attention. Also the multiplayer is strangely limited, seeing as how you can't play online, although it doesn't seem it would take to much effort on the company's part to add this feature. In all the game is fun, but the lack of new content, and graphics make this version not worth the cost. There are many other fighters on the PSP that your money would be better spent on.

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