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What's the best character to play as for beginners? 
I'm probably getting the game later today and I'm not familiar with the guilty gear series. 
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 Hey me too except I played a buttload of Guilty gear. I'm hoping to find it used. As long as it works I could care less if it came in a bunch of taped together candy wrappers. 

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I stick to Arakune because the only Guilty Gear I ever actually played was the GBA one. He controls the most like the characters in the GBA one.

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I like how everyone gave a different answer. :P
I wouldn't know though, because I haven't played BlazBlue.

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Well, you can start with either Jin Kisaragi or Noel Vermillion. Both are easy to use, and can spam attacks fast enough. Noel in my opinion is a little bit easier to use, but Jin has a lot of potential to, to be the easiest to play with. But since Jin consumes Heat with some attacks, that you may spam involuntarily, I recommend Noel, so you can get out of troubles by using the Distortion.

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Thanks for the tips, I think I will start as jin, she looks interesting.  Is Ragna not a good beginners character?  
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@androdro said:
" Thanks for the tips, I think I will start as jin, she looks interesting.  Is Ragna not a good beginners character?     "
haha... jins a man
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haha, girly name, girly guy. 
great game, i'm having more fun with this than I had with sf 4
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Honestly, all the characters play very differently so everyone's going to say something different here.
Jin is the most shoto like of all the characters, and even he doesn't stick to the typical SRK, fireball, hurricane kick, but he does play similarly, though he is the only character with a traditonal fireball [well, ice block].
Ragna is also a more basic character, with good range on normal attacks and a life stealing drive, he also plays similarly to a shoto, though he lacks any type of projectile.
You can win alot of low level fights by just spamming Noels drive; but please don't, shes got a bad enough reputation as it is. She becomes alot harder to use when you get to higher levels of play however.

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Tao is very fast and easy to use

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How hard is it to pull of astral heart with Jin? 
I'm at 75% with her story mode, isn't it unlocked at 100%?
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androgynous anti-heroes ftw.
i started as Tao because i wasn't good at dashing and air dashing, and tao had a dash that was also an attack, and you just had to click the drive button! hah!

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You can just spam Noel's drive and win.

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It's isn't fun to spam

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Bang Shishigami is the ONLY character to play with.  THE ONLY character!!!

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i'll have to check her out,
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@androdro said:
" @jakob187:  i'll have to check her out, "
Bang is a man.
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haha, second time i make that mistake. 
i have to start playing this game more, have been distracted by Batman resently
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I have been playing as noel alot, I think she's my favorite (for now).  I still havn't played as all the characters.

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