BlazBlue Continuum Shift Footage

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There's was a location test at the Ikebukuro Gigo arcade in Ogikubo recently, here's a bunch of footage a friend took:   




 Thanks to JohnDang 
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Looks like the first one but, more.  If it's cheap, I will probably pick it up when it comes out.

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I can't even wrap my mind around stuff in the first one.  This just seems like that game but with more ways for people to kick my ass all over the place online.

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Well this sequel will include two new playable characters, Tsubaki Yayoi and Hazama, and a replacement for v-13, called  λ-11. The game will see old characters rebalanced and new moves added in place of some that have been removed. There will also be new backgrounds, and a new "Easy Mode" for beginners.  
My guess is that it will also see new features that will be seen in the European version of the original...  
Maybe it's just me, but I don't really see enough here to warrant a sequel so early, two new characters seems a bit measly, there should at least be four imo. But then perhaps the sequels changes make the game feel a lot different to the original...I guess time will tell. 
On another note, I hope Arc don't muck about this time, and announce this sequel's console release in all territories.  

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It looks pretty good, I just hope they balance the characters a little more as that's a problem I had with the original. Also releasing this as DLC wouldn't be a bad idea.

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@smokeyd123 said:
" It looks pretty good, I just hope they balance the characters a little more as that's a problem I had with the original. Also releasing this as DLC wouldn't be a bad idea. "
Despite what looks to be minimal changes on the surface according to what we do know, I cannot see the latter happening. This game is a direct sequel, not an update to the original game.  
They really need to throw in more characters for the console versions, if they don't I think most players will feel short changed... 
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Dood, SOOOO much nicer!  The changes that I saw to Jin and Hakumen were pretty significant, especially in terms of damage and freeze time for Jin.  Much needed nerfing on him.  Hakumen looks to be slightly toned down, but he's still the boss character that he should be. 
Hakama, the smooth criminal lookin' muthafucker, is AWESOME!!!  I like his play style a LOT.  I'll definitely be working to main him. 
The UI is a bit slimmer and changed up, which I like.  There was too much UI clutter in Calamity Trigger, so seeing a change-up on the heat bar for a lower profile, as well as a change to the health bar, is really really nice. 
Overall, the improvements that I'm seeing in those videos will look small to those unfamiliar with the game, but they are actually some pretty BIG upgrades.  The one thing that I would STILL like to see them do is have the camera pan OUT, much like a SSB-type of thing, whenever your character starts using some verticality.  I understand the strategy of using it to disorient your opponent, but it's really a completely unnecessary thing. 
I'll definitely be picking it up.

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It depends on how Aksys handles this, but it looks like it fixes most of the problems I have with the first game. Let's hope they make the HUD simpler/more minimalistic.

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As long as Bang is balanced up :|
Also, Hazama is a smooth criminal.

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Looks awesome. Definitely going to pick this up.

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What's the difference between it and the one already out? 
I haven't picked up the original, still waiting for the price to drop, maybe I should wait for this?

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