Blazblue not coming to Europe?

#1 Posted by empire_man (157 posts) -

I haven't seen the european release date anywhere, is it really not going to be released in Europe?

#2 Posted by Stange88 (82 posts) -

i hope its coming to europe

#3 Posted by damswedon (3223 posts) -

nobody has picked it up for European release so its unlikely to come out here.

#4 Posted by dbz1995 (4959 posts) -

How irritating.

#5 Posted by krazychris (231 posts) -

We Giantbombers should publish it ourselves!

#6 Edited by Vorbis (2763 posts) -

Was hoping it would be released here but got impatient and imported it.
Edit: PS3 version that is, no idea if 360 is regionfree.

#7 Posted by Slippery (105 posts) -

I know a lot of Aussie's have been importing which makes me think its region free on the 360.
Import ftw

#8 Edited by Linkyshinks (11405 posts) -

No release date because there's no plans and no publisher. That might change, but there's been no word. we just have to wait patiently, or hack our 360s.

#9 Posted by Icemael (6800 posts) -

This is Europe we're talking about. We'll probably not get the game, and if we do, we'll have to wait for a year or so.

#10 Posted by Jelloblimp (15 posts) -
360-version is region locked for PAL but not NTSC: and  . If a publisher does pick it up it will be several months at least before they get it out.
#11 Posted by TheCreambun (135 posts) -

I was really looking forward to this :/ 
Guess I gotta go get KoFXII instead... Really wanted BlazBlue more:(

#12 Posted by Vision (794 posts) -

We shoulnd't have to wait for so long. 
I imported it for the PS3 and it SHOULD arrive today (it should've arrived 2 days ago...)

#13 Posted by Iggins (55 posts) -
@Vorbis: Where are you located and is the online playable?
#14 Posted by Sanj (2759 posts) -

Import that bitch.
#15 Posted by WitchHunter_Z (894 posts) -

Worth mentioning, if your importing it, don't worry about what edition you get. Both the Asian edition and Japanese edition have English test and voices included.

#16 Posted by Vorbis (2763 posts) -
@Iggins: I'm in the UK, the online is playable but against US naturally, so lagwise it's not like playing locally but still playable. Also need to create a PSN US account you can switch to use the US Store.
#17 Posted by JeffGoldblum (3793 posts) -
@Slippery said:
" I know a lot of Aussie's have been importing which makes me think its region free on the 360.  Import ftw "
Well PS3s arent region coded so thats probably youre best bet if you want to import the game.
#18 Posted by Iggins (55 posts) -
@Vorbis: Thanks, i'm in the uk too. I think i'll import it. My psn id is iggins238 if you want to play some matches when i do.
#19 Posted by Rhaknar (6299 posts) -

what annoys me is that it SEEMED that the days of europe not getting games, or get them really late, were over, and then we get a double punch of reality with blazblue and KOF12

#20 Posted by Vision (794 posts) -

Nevermind i called those fuckers at UPS and it's coming tomorrow.. God damnit. xD

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#22 Posted by androdro (79 posts) -

I orderd it on releas day, still waiting for my copy.  It takes to long to order games from iceland.

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