Can't read french.

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Has anyone in the us ever ordered anything from  I can't read french so it's very hard to do.  Blazblue is listed on for PC release but I can't read or get google to translate the page right. Any ideas? 
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huh? why are you ordering it on a french site?

#3 Posted by Funzzo (834 posts) -

because the PC version is not coming to america yet. I contacted amazon us and they were no help.
#4 Posted by AjayRaz (12506 posts) -

well i can read french-- although not very well. what do you want to know? 
link me the page

#5 Posted by Funzzo (834 posts) -
#6 Posted by mrfizzy (1558 posts) -
@Funzzo:  ok, itll cost you 39.95 Euros which is $54.40 in USD. You will need to be an Amazon member and you can log in by clicking the button that says "  Identifiez Vous" under the shopping cart, dont know if you can use any Amazon membership or if you have to sign up for the French Amazon, if you do have to sign up youll have to click the button below the sign in button. And i can see no mention of Pay-Pal so im not sure about that. hope that helps some. 
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#8 Posted by Funzzo (834 posts) -

Thanks mrfizzy.  price is not bad just wondering what its going to cost to ship.

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