Differences between Guilty Gear and BlazBlue?

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What are the differences between the Guilty Gear series and BlazBlue? Does BlazBlue have different fighting systems inside of it? I mean, the premise seems to be similar - crazily-decorated characters with huge melee weapons... so what's the difference between playing Guilty Gear and BlazBlue?

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Well if anything, BlazBlue is a tad easier to learn. Guilty Gear has been harder by my experiences. I haven't played BlazBlue enough to tell you much that hasn't already been said in other reviews like the Drive Ablilities and so worth.
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The two are different in the following ways.
* BlazBlue is slower paced with a tighter combo system
* All the characters in BlazBlue play dramatically differently from one another
* BlazBlue has 2D sprites on 3D background, with obviously higher resolution graphics
* BlazBlue does not have as many single player modes as some guilty gears
* Barrier Burst (BB) is different than using Psyche Burst (GG) but both basically end combos
* You can play online with BlazBlue

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