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So, I just recently got BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, pretty good game. I'm enjoying the story (as convoluted and confusing as it is), and the players online aren't too shabby, either. Dare I say, it's a favorite at this point, however, it has some rather difficult achievements to get. For example, a 60 hit combo with Nu? Yeah right, I can get to 55 and then it dims out. 

Anyhow, more about the story. It's pretty cool, you know. Jumping through time to try and avoid an apocalyptic disaster. And the least likely suspect is the one who is trying to prevent the apocalypse... 

Rachel! What in the hell... 

Who would have expected this flaunt little Sanguine to be the one who was legitimately -trying- to save the world? ... No one, that's who. 
Not to mention that Jin is involved; why was he chosen? Because he's Ragna's brother, of course! He's also the 'hero'. Crazy stuff, I say.

It's hard to believe that Hakumen is Jin, though. I mean really, what the hell man? I guess it sort of makes sense though, because he DOES want to kill Ragna, which almost happens somewhere in Ragna's storyline; except for the fact that Jubei interrupts that. Although, how has Jin known since day one that he had to kill Ragna? I mean honestly, it's not like he has the same memories Hakumen has, or maybe he does... because he spoke to himself from the future?! 

Ahh I dunno, I'm really confused now... sort of like I was when I watched that movie earlier.... Ahem.

Anyhow, this is my first topic on the forum; hope it wasn't -too- boring for you guys. 

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I really dig BlazBlue's story.

Now move onto Continuum Shift. It's even better.

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