I expected as much. But even still, much respect.

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#51 Posted by oldschool (7641 posts) -

I generally am not a fan of fighting games and my time with Streetfighter IV was a deadly bored experience.  However, BlazBlue looks excellent and I eagerly await a PAL release and a reasonable local price.  One review is a waste of time.  I scan all to get a feel for a game and this one has a good feel.

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#52 Posted by RsistncE (4499 posts) -
@keyhunter: SF4 sucks. See it isn't hard to rag on other people's opinions, it really isn't.
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#53 Edited by Napalm (9230 posts) -

BlazBlue seems more about how much indecipherable shit can be throw on-screen at you at once than actually compose a good fighting game underneath. Covering up a bad fighter with a lot of noise and eight different gauges and a lot of pretty shit to look at - how clever.
EDIT: I would also appreciate if the overly upset BlazBlue fanboys could keep their asses out of the KOFXII review. Thanks.

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#54 Posted by LightGaia (32 posts) -
I assumed you played BlazBlue then? The game is a lot deeper than you claim it is. I respect your opnion and nothing personal or anything but, you come off as sort of....bitter towards BlazBlue. The "eight different gauges" you mentioned require balance and serious attention if you expect to win. The character variety also brings a lot of strategy and requires players to find which character fits them while also considering each other character's ablilities to truly become a seasoned player. BlazBlue is not just some anime game covered in bells and whistles. In fact, I was disappointed by the lack of variety regarding the game modes. Story, Arcade, Training, Online, Gallery, and Score Attack are incredibly basic and are the sheer definition of standard. BlazBlue, along with Guilty Gear, are difficult games that deserve to be taken seriously. You talk as if the game is just garbage. It may be a bit overrated but, it's a good game in it's own right.
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#55 Posted by androdro (79 posts) -
the fighter is good if you know how to use the gauges. 
also, since you are obviosly a sf4 fan, what hapens when you pull off a super or ultra combo in sf 4?  a lot of noise and pretty shit to look at, the same goes for blazblue. 
ps. I like both games

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