Minor Box Grievances

#1 Posted by Serker (525 posts) -

does anyone else feel like they are about to snap the disc in half every time they remove it from the box.

would like some advice on safely removing the disc from the holder.

#2 Posted by Serker (525 posts) -

on second though, nevermind

its 5 in the morning and im removing the OST discs to puttem on iTunes and I need some sleep... im not thinking clearly.

sorry, mods

#3 Posted by Ouroboros (344 posts) -

To save this thread - the box with the game definently had the disc really stuck in, I agree.  Especially when its brand new.  I found just placing the disc back in just on top in the box did fine, but then again I didnt put it back in the box for about 2 or 3 days :P

Now though, the game is easy to come out of the box - I dont know if this a bad thing.  Oh well.
#4 Posted by androdro (74 posts) -

strange, I bought mine new of ebay and it was loose in the case
#5 Posted by Shindiggah (350 posts) -

I never really had that problem too much, a few games I admit bend a bit when I take them out, but thats it. I do have a lot of trouble removing Resistance Retribution from its boxx though for some reason.
#6 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19399 posts) -

The only box that I have where I absolutely love the way the disc pops out is the Final Fantasy X one.  You just press in the middle and the disc pops out, no need to pull or anything.  I wish more manufacturers did it that way.

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