What does it mean when the lady says "Counter"

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So what the hell does it mean? Does it mean that the opponent has a chance to counter? And if so, how can i escape the counter if they do counter it? I'm just confused because I'm looking at one of Hakumen's combos and it says A CH > B 
I press A (In game key distincitons, not A on the xbox controller - X on Xbox controller) and then the lady says Counter and it says counter in the combo (CH = counter hit) and then B. What significance does the CH have though?

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A counter happens whenever you hit or throw an opponent that's in the middle of a move. The announcer says "counter" whenever that happens.

From what I understand, the CH means that unless A is a counter hit, you can't combo into B. Counter hits cause more hit stun, so your opponent will take longer to recover from the A attack, giving you time to followup with B. If you go into training mode you can turn counter hits on, and then every hit will behave as if it had been a counter. That can help when you want to practice combos like A CH > B.

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Wow man thanks a lot! That really helped :D

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aw the thread has been resolved already? i wasnt a part of it ;(

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