BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend coming to Europe in Q1 2012.

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BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend will be ready right around when PlayStation Vita launches in PAL territories. Arc System Works Europe plan to release the expanded fighting game for Sony’s next handheld, PS3, and Xbox 360 in Q1 2012. 
Relius Clover joins the roster this release and he fights with his puppet Ignis. Makoto, Valkenhayn, and Platinum the Trinity, which were released as downloadable content for Continuum Shift are on disc. Arc System Works also added Abyss mode from the portable versions, team battles (2v2, 3v3, and 2v4), and if you want a challenge the game has Unlimited Mars mode. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend expands the game’s storyline too with 23 scenarios to play.

Not sure I'll get this. I already bought Makoto and Valkenhayn for regular Continuum Shift, and the other added content doesn't seem that interesting to me.
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Odds on there being delays? Ohohoho

Still, it's good to hear it's coming.

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Don't know if anyone mentioned this yet (or cares) but a US release date has been pinned down: 2/14/12. Unfortunately, all I can find for my European friends right now is still "Q1 2012."

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@Icemael: @sameoldstuff: @DocHaus: Apparently the EU version is due out a week after the US one, but with no real source and having prior experience with how the EU release of anything BlazBlue related normally goes... You could make up a date and be just as wrong. Waiting on Zen to come up with a date to be officially wrong.
Good news for people who like those large boxes full of stuff though. The outer cardboard box thing looks really, really pretty.
Best get learning Tao again.
Oh, also, minor news, for the first time ever; you can now get BlazBlue related gamer pictures on the XBL EU marketplace. If you have some points left over.
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Seems Aksys have announced their limited edition for the US too. 

Comes with an art book, the OST and a calendar.
That extend cover is buuuuuussssyyyy...
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I know I shouldn't get this now but it's the same price as a regular new game would cost (according to Gamestop) and it comes with a copy of the OST along with all the other new crap! Ahhhhhhh Aksys and Mori why must you tempt me so?

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Soooo...when does BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend Hyper Remix Turbo Edition: The Sequel come out?

Seriously, the naming and re-releases are getting a little fucking ridiculous at this point.

Nonetheless, I know I'm going to end up playing the damn thing.

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@mwng: Damn, I might have to buy this now. I'm a sucker for limited editions, and that looks to be one sweet-ass package.
#9 Posted by mwng (964 posts) -
@jakob187: But BBCSEX is such a good acronym.........
But yeah, Feb 14th for the US and XX/XX/20XX for the EU.
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We have our EU release date. 22nd of February for 360/PS3/Vita!

I'll believe it 100% when I see it on shelves and I can go pay for it, but it's a date to look forward to.

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@sameoldstuff: The video does only say 22.02.12, so realistically we could be looking at 22.02.2112.
Should give me enough time to remember EVERYTHING I've managed to forget over the last few months. Man it's going to be rough getting back into this...
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I hope this comes to NA. I held off on getting CS because I knew they'd release an edition like this with Valkenhayn and the others in the box.

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@xyzygy: Not to blow your mind, but this is out in NA tomorrow.
#14 Posted by xyzygy (10091 posts) -

@mwng: Mission failed; mind blown. Thanks! :)

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@xyzygy: All characters, as far as anyone knows, is already in the box. The folks at Dustloop took a look into the disc assets, and so far, besides the DLC announcer voicepack for Kokonoe that'll come out on PSN (not on the disc), nothing really points to any new characters. So it's a safe buy so far. Not that I'm trying to convince you to buy/not buy, since I doubt that'd work in either direction anyway.

Honestly though, with the amount I play, it costs a hell of a lot less than finding an arcade on the East Coast and playing, so I don't mind the buy-in. Especially considering that the last disc release was July 2010. CSII was a free console patch. And honestly, they handled DLC characters pretty well, all things considered. You only had to buy them if you wanted to play them, and, not if you wanted to play against them.

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Bah, the one place I have a gift card for and they don't carry the game. This is bullshit. Guess it'll take me some time before I can grab a copy of this one.

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It's nice that us EU people aren't getting screwed over release date this time. I'm undecided at this point as I bought the last game and quickly "fell off" due to the amount of time I had to play the game. It doesn't help that from what little I know this doesn't seem like it needed to be a disc based release at all.

Still, as always it does look really pretty which makes it so tempting ...

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@Vanek: Give it a few weeks and it'll have halved in price, if the other games are anything to go by.
If you didn't buy any of the dlc for the last one and are even remotely interested in Blazblue, there's more than enough new stuff in Extend to justify a purchase.

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