Blazblue Fight Nights on PSN (or SEN as Sony calls it now)

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So I picked this up a few weeks ago for the Playstation Triple, and I've been wanting to play some dudes on a regular basis to better my skills and more importantly, have fun. Due to the lack of a thread for the PS3 version, I'll commit myself to hosting some Friday night sessions to have us all beat each other up at a consistent pace.

I'll be online hosting the lobby every Friday night at 10pm EST with the PSN ID: Ace_829, and I have a few people already committed to participating so attendance shouldn't be a problem. If you'd like to join just send me a friend request so that I can invite you to the lobby.

Also, you can enter your Blazblue details just for fun. I'll add it to a table on the bottom of this post.

For example-

PSN ID: Ace_829

Skill Level: Beginner

Main: Tsubaki Yayoi

Microphone: No

Hope to have fun with you all!

PSN IDSkill LevelMainMicrophone
MaceX???NoelYes, if needed
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haven't done this in forever.

PSN ID:Ghost259

Skill Level: not sure honestly

Main: Noel/Mu-12/Lambda-11

Microphone: Yes

Edit: @Ace829: I'm partially anal about this but its Ghost259, one whole thing no spaces. :P

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Good that finally someone else took the reins for this. You can probably consider me a regular for this weekly event.


Main: Noel Vermillion

Mic: Yes. Its there if I need it, but lately have not been using it.

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Alright, just bumping this up as I will be in a lobby an hour from now. If anyone wants to play some Blazblue tonight, now is the time to friend request me and/or PM me.

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I think I did quite well last Friday. I got a couple of close wins, and I connected on most of my combos. I don't know that many combos besides a few of Tsubaki's BnBs so that's something that I can definitely work on. By the way, there's a small chance that I might be late this Friday since I get out of work a half hour before the scheduled time. It shouldn't be any problem though, as long as I get out on time.

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Fight Night hosted by Ace is up, anyone who is interested to join message him now, or add him on PSN.

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I'm always up for video games Ace.

PSN: Smokey123

Skill Level: Meh.

Main/s: Jin/Makoto...and Hazama.

Mic: Yes

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Alright. If anyone wants to play some, I'm in the lobby.

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Last Friday's fight night went pretty well. Aside from being steamrolled by Ghost every round (I almost won a few times) I did pretty well, considering I'm just getting used to a fight stick.

Looking forward to next Friday.

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Looking forward to this Friday's fight night, hopefully we get some duders to join in on this. More the better. (Hell I may even meet a person better then me :P)

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I believe this has died just like the last one... Sad day...

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In fairness, BBCSEX kinda brought that on itself. Even I'm having trouble justifying why I shouldn't just sell my copy and wait for the eventual release of GGXXAC+ online, or BB3 somewhere down the road.

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@DocHaus: well for me I have kept all my copies of BB and will continue to do so. Will pick up some GG though down the line just like BB3 whenever that comes out.

Edit: It just bothers me that this game has a small community on GB, and most of the time gets overshadowed by newer games. Example: Skullgirls. Tons of hype and immediately all my friends are playing that on its release. (IMO Skullgirls isn't for me I'll stick with BB and GG) What can we do though if there is no interest left for a game that is fast paced and unique at the time.

You are on the xbox and I honestly have before since the previous game wished to play against ya but I only have the BB franchise on PS3(wish this game had cross platform play...)

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totally dead now~

sadface honestly.

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