Giant Bomb Community Gamertag for Blazblue CS.

#1 Posted by Ace829 (2083 posts) -

A gamertag has been created for anyone interested in playing other Giant Bomb members on Blazblue.
The gamertag is GB Blazblue.
If anyone wants a friend request just reply in this thread and GB member mwng, who's in control of the account will add you.
If anyone is interested in making a PSN version just PM me the screenname and I'll edit the OP post.

#2 Posted by Kapwan (36 posts) -

Oh cool idea.  I'd like to be added.   Here is my GamerTag and PSN ID
XBL - Kapwan
PSN - Kapwan

#3 Posted by JJOR64 (18995 posts) -

Thanks for the heads up.    :)
@Kapwan:  Just send a friend request to the account and mwng will add you.

#4 Posted by ESREVER (2692 posts) -

Has one of these been started for the PSN yet?  
Also, I don't quite understand how this works, but it sounds handy.  
I would like to be added to the PSN one when there is one. I haven't played a fighting game online yet, mostly because I'm intimidated by other players. I wouldn't mind getting my ass handed to me by GB's community though.

#5 Edited by mwng (937 posts) -
@ESREVER: It's like having a list of game specific friends all under one profile, think of it as a file extension. When looking at that profile you can select the option "view friends", it'll come up with a list of everyone who is friends with that profile. It saves filling your friends list and serves as a convenient way to check out everyone who's interested in the game.
#6 Posted by DocHaus (1333 posts) -

Sent a friend request as Kleptobot, thanks for making the community tag guys.

#7 Posted by ESREVER (2692 posts) -
@mwng: Ah ok, I gotcha. Thanks for the explanation.  
As far as I know, the PS3 doesn't have such a feature where you can view your friend's friends. 
Unless I'm missing it somewhere.
#8 Posted by Sirtoastman (2 posts) -

I'll join, send a friend request PSN: Sirtoastman

#9 Posted by TwilitEnd656 (617 posts) -

That's... Wow, I'll send one the next time I get on.

#10 Edited by YourWorstDesire (16 posts) -
Sounds interesting. My tag is: Esteban-del-Oso and I'll FR the tag on PSN.

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