Platinum release.

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Figured we've got one of these for Valkenhayn, why not Platinum too!
Anyway, there's now mention of her being included in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2, which means she may be out as early as October. 

She looks nuts! Massive projectiles out of NOWHERE. As well as some weird distortion she can store and release at will, only thing I can compare it to is Saki from Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Shame she's the "last" DLC character as I'd have enjoyed more, but her crazy Japanese loli will have to do for now!
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My reaction to Platinum's... Unique projectile attacks.

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And that's all I have to say about that.
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She looks pretty adorable, and bound to add some more variety to an already awesome game. 
Can't wait for her release :3

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A small amalgamation of all the platinum info so far from the second location test if anyone is still interested. (Thanks Dustloop). 

Drive: Magical Symphony

  • Pressing the D button will randomly select one among 6 types of equipment/modes for her staff. After selecting, various techniques corresponding to the staff mode can be used (with certain restrictions).
  • The following staff mode is notified at the bottom through the symbol next to the word NEXT
  • At the beginning of the match she doesn't carry any staff with her (probably meaning that you have to press D to make it appear)
  • Everytime you push D with the equipped staff the number of times you can use the associated technique will decrease until the staff disappears becoming unequipped.
  • Pressing the D button again once the staff has disappeared will make it appear again with the next type of equipment.

The types of equipment are:
  • Bomb (6 times)
  • Neko (5 times)
  • Bin (4 times)
  • Hammer (3 times)
  • Missiles (3 times)
  • Frying Pan (4 times)

 Example of her "Next" equipment gauges.

Character Features:

  • Good speed, good airdash
  • Her airdash covers a lot of range, giving her the possibility of comfortably attacking in the air without falling easily on the ground
  • Since her attacks with her staff don't have a long reach, her special projectile moves do the job of covering long range fighting instead.
  • Since her special moves are controlled randomly, she is a character that heavily depends on the situation she's in.

Special Moves:

  • Dream Sally (214A/B/C)
  • Swallow Moon (j.236C)
  • Mami Circular (236B)
  • Air Persia (236A - also executable in air) - followups A/B/C (up to three times) - tramples down the opponent from above with her pogo stick; the followups change the landing place, while the C followup is an aerial ender that earns more damage and okizeme.
  • Dramatic Sammy (41236D) - command grab: searches for the opponent while ground-dashing; grabs and imprisons the opponent inside a "heart" and blows it off. 1500 Damage.
  • Mystique Momo (214D, when weapons are equipped)
  • Foreign Melody (22C on knocked down opponent); it might be possible to push the opponent towards the corner from the slide down

Distortion Drives:

  • Miracle Jeanne (236236D) - install super, the staff is equipped with "enhanched magic", can only be used once and when it wears off the staff is unequipped
  • Cure Dot Typhoon (632146C) - Platinum will spin around catching her opponent in a whrilwind for multiple his, much like Tager's Magna-Tech Wheel. (See video).

Astral Heat:

  • 236236C (looks like Nanoha's Starlight Breaker) - Fires a laser fullscreen, if it hits her opponent, the astral animation will start. Small hitbox. (See video).


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So it's been a while since Valkenhayn. Any news when Platinum will be out as DLC?

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@ParaParaKing:  CS 2 arrives in Japan on December 9th and will feature Platinum. But due the the massive DLC issues on the console front, we probably won't be seeing her as DLC 'til some time after.
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@DocHaus: Holy Crap, she's scary fast! That Tsubaki vs Platinum match was awesome. I was totally rooting for Tsubaki. 
Needless to say, I want to play her. Hurry up and release her!
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It seemed like just yesterday (ALL OF 5 MONTHS AGO) when there was mention of Platinum being released.

Anyway, seems there's now a concrete date... in Japan (but the rest of the world is bound to follow, right?). So both Platinum and the CS2 Patch will be hitting:

 JP 360 Release date for Platinum DLC + v1.03: 5/10
 JP PS3 Release date for Platinum DLC + v1.03: 5/12

Platinum will be 560 Microsoft Points and the same whatever that is in money on PSN. The CS2 balance patch (v1.03) will be free.
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The DLC is really late, but still cool.
The PS3 price will be 800Yen.
Thanks for letting me know.

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