sepultallica86's Blazing Lazers (TurboGrafx-16) review

Possibly the greatest shoot 'em up of all time

From the start up screen until the end of stage 9, Blazing Lazers is amazing and will blow your mind. The music from Blazing Lazers has a futuristic sound to it, and sounds great along with the game.
Blazing Lazers is the basic overhead shmup gameplay, but plays flawlessly and shows no signs of it being broken. The game is broken up into 9 different and unique futuristic space type levels, offering engaging gameplay with tons of crafty enemies. You can gain 4 types of weapons and build them up through 5 different levels of each weapon until its full power is achieved, and when you die you lose all of your weapons and are set back to your default machine gun weapon. You can also gather up assisted orbs which gives you either homing missiles, shields and such. Purple orbs will appear which are shields, but you can also shoot those until they turn gold, then you get a free life, and restart where you died, instead of restarting back at the last checkpoint. The game also has mini bosses and end stage bosses which are fairly easy when you have full powered weapons, but become really hard if you only have your default weapon and no shield.
The graphics in Blazing Lazers are pretty good, but not the best. It pushed the TG-16 to its limits, and is probably the greatest shmup i've ever played, and i recommend you go and try this game out, you can even download it on the Wii Virtual Console, and you won't be disappointed.


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