Bleach: Soul ignition opening cinimatic Translated/subtitles?

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  Can anyone tell me the lyrics to this song translated into english or if there is a version with subtitles? caus i love the song and i would realy like to know what the singer is saying and i dont know japaness /: can anyone help me out?

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According to the Bleach wiki the lyrics are:

"Quietly, quietly,

Cut the curtains down

Blue flames are born

On the dawn awakening

We walked and hugged

Embracing a weakness that knows of no defeat

Let's carve an era

With new fangs

Quietly, quietly,

Cut the curtains down

Blue flames are born

On the dawn of awakening

Until that day when I met you,

the one I want to protect,

I'd rather take down my enemies immediately

Than go for a long fight

So loved, so loved

That I don't need anything else

I watched everything from here

I'll finish it all and lead you there

Just don't let go

This melody of the wild dance

It will never stop echoing"

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Dammit! It just took me 5.8 million years to find it, I knew it was an opening so I was watching them all. After going through all of that though I just notice how much Bleach I've watched, geeeez... O_o

Here's the link:

#4 Posted by Theworldbreaker (183 posts) -

thanks guys!
#5 Posted by soli (68 posts) -

so do we have any gamerplay videos for this game??

#6 Posted by Saltank (199 posts) -

Doesn't appear to be very popular :(

#7 Posted by Humanoid (213 posts) -

That's a shame. 

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