williamflipper's Bleach: Soul Resurreccion (PlayStation 3) review

An ok arcade game

It's a mediocre game but not really that bad, it's for a rent type of experience. There is no plot and if you want to understand whats going on you need to see the movie from which the game is based or read a wiki (the way I did). The characters are all well animated and fun to use but the levels are plain, empty, repetitive and limited. There is a "Story Mode" in where you fight some weak enemies and some bosses, there aren't any cut scene just some plain text between levels to explain why you are fighting. The levels are 14 and you can beat them in a normal difficulty in about 4/5 hours, at the end you don't get any cut scene or a satisfying ending but just a plain end credits, the purpose of this story mode is just to unlock more characters to play in Mission Mode (Shorts part of the story mode in which you can chose your hero) or Soul Mode (Same as Mission Mode but with Online Leader board) The point of the game is to play, unlock and upgrade your virtual action figures and get an S rank in every mission.

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