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Bleach: Soul Resurrección is Average but Doesn't Suffer From it

The main purpose of a game like this is not to be ground breaking but to offer enough fan service to sell and not to be so unplayable that it sells for a loss. That being said, no developer goes out to make a bad game, and in this case it is obvious that the people involved had knowledge and resource to make a game that has found the balance between fan service, gameplay and immersion.

The gameplay is broken up into three modes: Story, Mission and Score Attack. However they are not all available at the outset, each is only unlocked after a certain amount of progress in another play mode. The 'Story' is unlocked from the start, after a number of story levels are completed, 'Mission' is unlocked. Then to unlock 'Score Attack', particular missions have to be completed. At first, this feels very limiting because there is only one thing you can do when you load up the game for the first time. As you get further into the game, the reasoning for this becomes very apparent. It all ties into the level up system to add a functional difficulty curve to ensure any character can be used in any game mode.

Each of the large roster of characters levels up individually, which is a double edged sword when combined with the difficulty curve of the mission structure. Using your favourite character to complete a variety of missions is fun, but the difficulty is not scaled to your characters level so whenever you change character you have to start from the first mission again, not out of necessity in terms of unlocks but that character is so under levelled that it will be a struggle to complete any of the later missions. The character roster itself is easily large enough to cover almost every fan, however it keeps within the limits of the story arc that the game covers, except for one noticeable exception.

The story covers a long running saga in the Bleach universe, but it is not the main focus of the game, with most of the story being narrated to you before a loading screen. This is not to the games detriment, however, because it is not designed to introduce people to the universe, it is for fans of the series that don't want to sit through lengthy cutscenes of story that they already know. Aside from the pre-mission narration, there is dialogue from the anime that plays during the story levels. It is subtitled but it is very hard to listen to or read during the gameplay so without prior knowledge of the story no real insight could be gained from listening to it.

The gameplay itself is very basic but still entertaining. The temptation to button mash is there but the basic combo system doesn't require the frantic pace of mashing. Every character has the same basic setup with the square but as the basic attack and the one that is mostly used. Different characters might have different numbers of presses but the most common combos are just on this button. The secondary attack button is the triangle button with shorter combos and tends to be ranged attacks but these attacks use up meter. The circle button is for special attacks that are unique to each character but use up a large amount of meter so cat be used very often. The simplicity of the combat comes from the lack of mixed buttons combinations, any change in button press is devoted to timing on the animations rather than dedicated combo animations. This means that the combat is not particularly deep but it is very easy to change to a new character and not have to learn a whole new combo list. Some of the perks that are gained from levelling can change the combat slightly, for example perks that allow cancels can change the speed of the game but don't change the fundamentals.

Bleach: Soul Resurrección is not a bad game by any means but it can't be considered good from a gameplay standpoint, however as fan service and an experience for someone who just wants to spend some time in the Bleach universe it is great fun. That is all this game sets out to do and it does it well enough, not for a full price retail game but for a cheap price in the hands of a Bleach fan it can definitely be recommended.

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