unworthybozo's Bleach DS: Souten ni Kakeru Unmei (Nintendo DS) review

The Best Fighting game on handhelds

Bleach is one my favorite anime and manga out there so when they announced a Bleach fighting game on the DS I was "Oh Great another Cash in" how wrong I was. Let's get one thing out of the way Bleach the Blade of fate is the best fighting game you can get on any handheld, yes it's that good. One of the best things of Bleach TBOF is the simple and deep combat system if a move is too hard to pull of you can use the touch screen to engage the moves, further more if you are skilled enough you chain a series of specials moves into some pretty wicked combos. It's obvious that Bleach TBOF main influence is the Marvel V.S. Capcom series as its combat is really fast and frenetic. You can even engage super moves like MVC. What makes Bleach TBOF unique is the sprit cards, special assist cards that aid you during battle and can even turn the tide of a fight, you can buy cards or trade with friends and build decks to your liking it's really flexible and adds to the replay value of the game. The roster is filled up with a unique cast from the anime and manga and each of them is really fun to play with. The online aspect of Bleach TBOF is very enjoyable but a bit laggy but not so much that it hampers the experience. The graphics looks amazing for a DS game the way character animate are simply the best on the handheld the specials moves look great. The sound effects and music sound incredible for DS. If you have a DS and like fighting games buy this game don't let the fact that it's based on an anime hamper this

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