Blizzard kicks ass!

#1 Posted by BobC (19 posts) -

True story! And I'm totally unbiased!

#2 Posted by HAMrik (31 posts) -

I believe you

#3 Posted by suneku (2997 posts) -

I agree... I've enjoyed most of their games so far

#4 Posted by Callik (138 posts) -

Starcraft II and Diablo III  = happy gamer

I hope they come up with a new title after those though, milking big name franchises is great but me wants some more Blizz variety!

#5 Posted by Caje (138 posts) -

Yep. Warcraft III was one of my favourite games.

#6 Posted by sdodd02 (722 posts) -

Damn them and hooking me on WoW...

#7 Edited by HAMrik (31 posts) -

How is the expansion coming along Mr. Colayco ?

#8 Posted by HarryDemeanor (79 posts) -

Damn straight Blizzard kicks ass. Now where's my StarCraft II beta key!?

By the way, can you give me a job? =P

#9 Posted by Mikael (33 posts) -

I fully agree!

#10 Posted by Philanthropy (142 posts) -


#11 Posted by WizzyKid (259 posts) -

Yes they do. They anounced Diablo 3.

#12 Edited by pcguy2 (74 posts) -

Blizzard is seriously the only company that never made a bad game in my life time. WOOHOOO D3!

BobC (thread starter)  = Bob Colayco from blizzard? Thats awesome!

#13 Posted by Jandurin (186 posts) -

Blizzard rocks.  I do await Diablo 3, with glee. 

#14 Posted by Kermit (14 posts) -

The are a great company with great games and a bunch of cool people I had the chance to meet.

#15 Edited by mithhunter55 (641 posts) -

Instead of a job how about you pay me to play your next mmo.

#16 Posted by atejas (3057 posts) -

I immensely respect Blizzard because they have shitty graphics. Shows they have their priorities straight

#17 Posted by JibaaJabba (77 posts) -

gotta agree

#18 Posted by Tarquinn2049 (14 posts) -

Have to say, after 14 years of using this name, I'm still surprised by how many people recognize it. Goes to show that even 15 years ago they knew good games when they saw them.  But, it's always weird when I play Rock and Roll Racing nowadays and hear Loud Mouth Larry saying it out loud.

Also I don't find that they necessarily have bad graphics. Low poly sure, but the quality of the textures more than makes up for it. Plus most of the bad looking screen shots you see on the web are from people running at the very low visual quality options that are available on all Blizzard games. With the settings turned up, they got some very pretty games.

Another thing that might makes their graphics seem bad is that a lot of people still play their games 5-10 years after they were made. Any game looks bad after that long. I know quite a few people that only started playing Diablo or Starcraft long after the expansions for each had been available. As much as 3-4 years past their initial release.

#19 Edited by mithhunter55 (641 posts) -

i stared playing Starcraft in 2004, now my favorite game of all time, even though i don't like the  single player campaign.

#20 Posted by Brad (3372 posts) -


#21 Posted by pbhawks45 (739 posts) -
Brad said:
#22 Posted by TheGTAvaccine (2884 posts) -

WoW disgraces Blizzard's name, but SCII and D3 make up for it. :)

#23 Posted by Feanor (1397 posts) -

When Blizzard releases a new original game that is not a sequel and if that is a good game then ill agree with you.

#24 Posted by tec3297 (1170 posts) -

They are great, but not the best out there. IMO.

#25 Posted by AndyC (115 posts) -

Hey Bob! Having fun working for Blizzard? lol

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