Blizzard Product Slate leak

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its fake because the WoW TCG is already out. 

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Interesting.  Curious on what Titan is.

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@JJOR64:  Supposedly it's the unannounced MMO, specifically an MMOFPS
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Ridiculous.  If they release Diablo 3 in 2011, they won't be releasing their second expansion to it in 2015. 

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WOW mobile? That means wow on my phone?

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All the best rumors take about 4 years to really verify.

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@Ryax said:
" its fake because the WoW TCG is already out.  "
Doubting MMO-Champion just like that is usually a mistake.
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Original source is
The time line looks fairly realistic to me. I guess titan is the new IP they've been hiring for

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@Ryax: The WoW TCG being listed as a product release is most likely referring to an online version of the game, and is also probably the reason why Blizzard's partnership with UDE ended.
@scarace360: WoW Mobile is in reference to the various apps Blizzard has released / is releasing such as the Mobile Auction House which came out Q2 of 2010.
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I really hope this is real. If D3 is only a year out I will be one happy camper.

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@CL60 said:
" @Ryax said:
" its fake because the WoW TCG is already out.  "
Doubting MMO-Champion just like that is usually a mistake. "
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Titan probably isn't the official name of the game. They don't normally refer to official names until announcement. StarCraft 2 was Medusa and Diablo III was Hydra as codenames. Titan will probably be the same.

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What if this was a COD MMO?

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Diablo III in Q3-Q4 2011 makes me just want to skip this coming Christmas and go right to next year's. 

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Warcraft 4!

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Wtf is SC2 Phoenix? Some unknown Starcraft 2 project?

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I'd say it's probably a console SC game that Kotick is begging Blizzard to make
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As much as it sucks, Warcraft is WOW now. Starcraft is Blizzards RTS focus.
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World of Starcraft, GO!

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