$29 on Steam. Xbox 360 released in Europe

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I see the PC version of the game has come out on
Steam & includes Dark Elves. 
I also was reading that the 360 version came out in
Europe. However the game is completely gimped
on the Xbox.  Basically they ported the DS/PSP
version of Bloodbowl to the 360, NOT the PC
version.  For 40 pounds (or whatever), it's not really
worth it.  The big let down is that the Xbox version
doesn't let you paint your team colors, have league
play, or persistent points through online play, just
like the DS & PSP versions.  The AI still sucks ass
just like it does on the PC, but the PC
has all of the above features missing on the Xbox
You can read all the enraged hate about the game
on this thread on Cyanide's website.  Pretty enjoyable:

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