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After watching the trailers and reading all the available info on this game, i am extremely excited, i was a young kiddo when my older brothers broke out all the templates and cards to play a game of Blood Bowl. So I guess theres some sort of nostalgia effect happening in my brain, but this game looks like it could actually be really promicing. It looks to be pretty true to the board game(from what i remember), and if the net-code is good this is a game i could play for a lonnng time,  most likely i would completely stop paying Madden.

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The game looks good but it's getting totally buried by its publisher. Several sites have cited a June 18-20 release date but unless you hunt high and low for this info you'd never know. There's barely any promo for this game and by the looks of it, if it ever gets released it'll end up being a commercial flop regardless of whether it's any good.

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