New Blood of Bahamut Trailer

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The game looks as amazing as ever. I do wonder how the structure of the game will be since they have showed nothing except fights till now.

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I've always disliked the 2d character 3d world thing. Also the environments don't look very interesting, a bunch of gray platforms in the sky with monsters in the background :/

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Whoa whoa whoa...BAHAMUT GETS HIS OWN GAME?!

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@Linkyshinks: I almost don't want to look since i plan on playing it.... just a peek
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Godwind said:
You don't think this game has anything to do with Bahamut Lagoon?

It does, it's based loosely on the SNES game, so some characters and locations may be the same, but that's all.

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@Linkyshinks: wonder if you will get an indestructible unit for the final fight in this game to then ^^

Great game Bahamut Lagoon, extremely addicting.
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They need to port that game.

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Oh the memories :D

Maybe, as a homage they might do that.


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