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I'm currenlty writing a review on Blood Omen: legacy of kain and i quickly noticed that the load times are rather long. the longest infact was simply exiting your inventory. it takes over 10 entire seconds of a loading screen to get back in game. i know this may not seem long but when you are pressing pause waiting 5 seconds to even get to the inventory screen. then equiping your axes and exting out. you then have to wait 10 seconds to get back in to the game. then you can cut down the tree in your path with your axe. however  you dont want to use the axe as a weapon so you pause again, wait another 5 seconds to get the inventory. pick your sword, and then exit out and wait another 10 seconds. only to walk a few feat forward to see there is another batch of trees waiting for you. but anyway I downloaded the game on PSN and i  was wondering if this is just because its being emulated from my ps3 and there are some issuse? or was this game always so damn slow after you  had to change your equipment. :( i would asume the PC version must have been quick but i wonder about the PS1 verson.
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Unfortunately this was a problem with the original game, the PS3 actually makes things a little smoother, if you can believe that.  The PC version isn't much better and it's very difficult to get it to run on current machines. 
I'm a big fan of the Legacy of Kain series and Blood Omen forms a rather important part of the story, almost vital if you want to move onto Soul Reaver 2 and Defiance..  but the game is simply almost unplayable these days due to these problems.  I'd definitely like to see a remake of it, and I'll be interested in seeing your review when it's done.
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of course :D im almost done with the game itself and i hope to make the review rather long. i have been enjoying the game alot and if i wasn't reviewing it then i probly would have stopped played after i died a few times. but im glad i kept playing because having a story this deep for its age really is amazing. i think alot of games could really learn from this. if i could make developers go back and play this game i feel that modern games would improve greatly :/ however the game just takes to damn long to load its almost a game breaker :( 
i also plan on doing the entire franchise if you would be interested in those reviews aswell

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