<Object> Blood in games

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Ewww blood
Ewww blood
Seriously, how many games do we see, feel, touch, be sprayed with, collect, clean or step in blood? Yeah, it sound s disgusting, b ut honestly, if there's a gun , a sword, a spear, a club or a rocket launcher in a game, there's going to be blood...

So, how about finding out how many games actually have blood in them and when was the first time we actually saw blood in a game?
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How often does blood show up as an object though?  Should blood (object) be limited to games in which blood is somehow collected or utilized?

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@Kinarion: According to the Wiki FAQ, it should be limited to games in which its presence is important/meaningful. Although that seems somewhat subjective. Furthermore, I wonder what the difference is between this and the blood concept.
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In certain cases, blood seems to clearly fall into one case or the other.  A vial of troll blood in an RPG collected for the sake of a quest is clearly an object, and the gore graphic used in fighting games is clearly conceptual.

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