theproxyx's BloodRayne (PlayStation 2) review

dhampire's slaying nazi's what could be better

the year is 1930-ish WWII is approaching and you are agent bloodrayne a sexy dhampire who's gonna kill all the nazi's but

first you might want to kill so mutants in louisiana heres my review of bloodrayne.
if i had to list the top games that were the most fun bloodrayne would rank somewhere near #1 this game is pretty much

everything you want in a video game. gameplay is simple find enemies kill them in various ways and move on the game is very

short which makes it better because a long game would just bore the living crap out of us. along the lines of weapons there

are three basic the blades bloodrayne has on her including her harpoon which tends to be useless a variation of guns from

pistol to machine gun to shot gun which you can grab of dead guys, and bloodrayne's teeth yes her teeth you can bite enmies

to regain health making the game even better.the graphics and controls would be my only complaints the graphics are okay

expected for a 2002 release but in 2009 they look pretty crappy but i have never really let grpahics hurt a games score and

of course the controls they are a little hard to get r1 is your main attack button which at first may confuse you if you

aren't used to that which i doubt you are anyways it's about time i wrapped this up bloodrayne for the ps2 gets a 5/5.

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