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Johnny Cage Ad

Bloodstorm was released by Strata and was advertised as a MK Killer and it was a successor to Time Killers. Unlike Mortal Kombat it featured 2D sprites rather than digitized characters, but it featured similar amounts of blood and violence. It was a success in arcades presumably because of controversies surrounding it. BloodStorm is most notable for featuring Daniel Pesina, the actor who portrayed Johnny Cage in the first Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat II, in advertisements. The advertisement proclaimed that BloodStorm is "The Fighting Game For Real Fighters" and states that Pesina had "switched" to BloodStorm. Midway subsequently fired him.


Gallons of blood similar to MK

Bloodstorm featured fighting system similar to Time Killers with each button representing left arm, right arm, left leg and right leg. It also featured weapons called guauntlets which could be used for special attacks. Players would win a fight by beating the opponents health bar or knocking opponent out of fighting arena and into a trap.


Features a variety of characters

The game also featured a large amount of bonus features using passwords. The pass words would open costumes for characters and big mode. The big head mode allow the player to play with the developer's heads. Passwords also unlock strange bonus levels and taunts specific to characters.

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