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Bloody Trapland is a platformer developed and published in 2011 by 2Play Studios. It was developed using a proprietary engine, and is distributed through the Desura service. It supports up to 4 player co-op as well as a race and a deathmatch mode.


The story of Bloody Trapland is only vaguely alluded to in the introduction to each world, and to some degree in the stage titles of the final world. Four anthropomorphic cats are on a quest which leads them across deserts, icescapes, through castles and eventually through hell itself.


The game consists of a series of stages constituting 5 themed worlds linked by a worldmap. Each stage is filled with obstacles and hazards, including spikes, sawblades, lava, and cannons. Multiple paths exist in some worlds which lead to other stages, eventually converging back onto the main path.

Players have 4 different-colored cats to choose from, each with a distinct attitude and accessory. The cats are mechanically identical. The player moves left and right and has the ability to jump and duck. No further abilities are gained through gameplay.

There are no enemies to defeat, bosses to face, nor keys to collect. The only objective in each stage is to avoid the traps and make one's way to the exit. Curiously, despite the title, there is no actual gore in Bloody Trapland. The only "blood" amounts to simplistic red pixels which fly in every direction when the player hits a trap.

After defeating each stage, the player can freely select any beaten stage to replay from either end, meaning that each level can be traversed both from left to right and vice-versa.

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