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A Binge Gamer Review: Blue Dragon Plus 0

By Perry Piekarski • March 14, 2009 When I first hear about a new release, I’m usually pretty savvy at calling whether it will be quality or crap before it’s even on store shelves. But in some instances, a game will defy my expectations, because—as much as I hate to admit it—I’m no psychic. With Blue Dragon Plus, I was unsure of what to think. Before this review, the franchise never garnered my interest. I was appreciative of the Chrono Trigger/Dragonball art stylings (crafted by the on...

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Blue Dragon Minus rather 0

Let's start dissecting this title by looking at the name first. Blue Dragon of course is a IP that got started on Xbox 360. The game was standard JRPG fare with some really impressive character models, as well as deep combat system. Blue Dragon Plus is a direct sequel for this game. Platform has moved from Xbox 360 to Nintendo DS. And the game has gotten a plus title attached to the name. Which would imply that this is a superior product to the first game. Or maybe just not as full blown s...

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