leafhopper's Blue Dragon (Xbox 360) review

A fun game if given the chance.

[Review originally posted on my gamespot account on December 14th 2008]
Okay. Ive held off reviewing the game until I truly got my thoughts together.

The game Blue Dragon is an Japanese Turn based rpg by Mistwalker. You play as Shu Jiro and Kluke 3 friends that live in a village that is being terrorized by an evil guy called Nene and they have to stop him (they meet up with 2 other characters by the way that join there party) They get these sepcial magical powers from these creatures that come out of their shadows to fight.

I don't really feel like talking about the story ill get to the point. Why is the game 3 Discs? All of the cut scenes there are a lot anyway the game has normal Turn based gameplay with attacks spells and items. What makes this game so different and great though is the class system. There are multiple classes that you unlock for each character all 5 characters there starting class is probably the best bet to keep them at but you can customize the classes so much that you can have all 5 characters to have healing spells. The problem with the class system that it makes the game extremely easy actually without using all of the classes if you equip all of the best equipment you get throughout the game and train correctly the game is easy. The characters are loveable the graphics are pretty good but by other games standards there not. Another problem with the game is framerate issues. Its almost everywhere each fight, on the world map, and later in the game when you get these special attacks it bogs down to almost a halt, I personally thought my Xbox froze or was about to freeze a few times. Then again the only time the framerate is major is during specials the world map is very little but its there. Oh and if you played other J-RPG's you will get some enjoyment out of it. I had fun with it.


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