stunik's Blue Dragon (Xbox 360) review

A slow burner that eventually has you hooked.

The first 10 hours of play through this game had me nodding off at times but i stuck with it due to the fact that threre are very few traditional RPG's on the xbox360 so little else to play as an RPG fan.

But i'm so glad i did  as the game gets a whole lot better once all the elements of gameplay are in place : you are finally fighting monsters that need a bit of strategic thought and preparation to beat, the story finally gets into its stride ,the latter locations are graphically exteremely well crafted and the characters become quite adorable...but this doesnt happen until about halfway through the second disc (there are three in total).

From about halfway into the game onwards i was totally into the world of BLUE DRAGON the game finally becomes a cohesive whole and makes sense.

If you are an RPG fan you will definately enjoy BLUE DRAGON as long as you can put in some hard work at the beginning of the game.
Highly Recommended to RPG fans !!


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