vampire_turtle's Blue Dragon (Xbox 360) review

A Great RPG, but it's to old-school for it's own good.

If you do not wish to read the full review I have made a brief; good and bad points about Blue Dragon.

Good: Long story which spans over 3 discs, music is astounding, graphics suit the gameplay and style of Blue Dragon, animation and uniqueness for each characters spells/abilties are both amusing and cool to look at.

Bad: English voice acting is not great, Playable Characters seem to have mostly jumped out of DBZ.

Originally I did not show much interest at all in Blue Dragon, and the only reason I bought it was because, it was a buy 1 get 1 free sale at GAME. I did not play the game once it had arrived, I merely placed into the disc drive to see if it worked. After 1000 gamerscoring Cod4, I was looking at my games collection to see what SP game to play next. And so I chose Blue Dragon.

The beginning of the game began very slowly, like an astmathic old lady with some heavy shopping, after about 20-30 minutes or so I gained the power of my shadows. After that the game started to get good, using all the powers of the elements with my characters was very cool. Also the game is 3 discs long so it has quite a long storyline, I have yet to finish the game so I do not know if I am satisfied with the story.

The character design of the N/PCs, (Non/Playable Characters), were done by the famous Akira Toriyama, who is known for his work in the Dragonball series. The NPCs such as creatures and merchants are very unique and add to the weirdness and wonderful to look at visuals, that Blue Dragon has. However the character designs seem to have almost jumped from DBZ, Shu looks like Teen Gohan, Kluke looks like a young Bulma and Marumaro looks like the pig (can't remember his name). The graphic style of Blue Dragon is pleasent to look at and suits the style of gameplay very well.

The music is probably one of the most stunning points of Blue Dragon, composed by the famous FF composer, Nobuo Uematso. You cannot help but love this music, it's even better than the end of portal "Still Alive" song. The music sets the mood well and can be enjoyed by many ages. The voice acting for the English translation jumps from awful to above mediocre during the story. GET SOME REAL ACTORS TO DO VOICE OVERS FOR JAPANESE RPGS AND ANIME, heck get the guys from FF to send some actors over.

The gameplay itself is fun, but can get annoying at times. I have not been much of a fan of turn-based games, but Blue Dragon is an exception, the animation and uniqueness of each creature or characters spells or special abilities, make up for the FF gameplay which Blue Dragon uses.

Overall Blue Dragon is a fun game which can be enjoyed by most ages.


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