blueprint12's Blue Dragon (Xbox 360) review

Blue Dragon review.

Perhaps my first RPG I played on my Xbox 360 (before I eventually got to some other games) and I still have some memories with it.

Lets go first on the gameplay...those familiar with the Final Fantasy series or any other turn based RPG will have no difficulty playing this...its pretty much the same thing, leveling up characters, turn based fighting, and all of that...What makes the game pretty fun is just how deep it is...the story is decent enough and the music also is magnificent...Nobuo Uematsu is a legend when it comes to making music for RPG games.  Anyways on the story, it starts off in the village where everyone is looking for their children and then eventually the main characters, Shu, Jiro, and Kluke are fighting off against a monster called the Land Shark that keeps on attacking their village.  Then they go to a mechat base and face off Nene, but they are defeated in trying.  Then a voice tells them to eat some spheres and they get special shadow dragon magic.  Kluke's based off black magic, Jiro's white magic, and Shu has the magic sword dragon...Each of the characters you play as has different classes of shadows that they can use and you can also teach them different classes as well...I would tell more but you would just have to play and see more for yourself.

The graphics are pretty great. I really like the cartoon style of this game...some of the levels actually look very well polished and designs for the levels are magnificent too.

Controls....well its the traditional JRPG so you shouldn't have any difficulty.

Overall, this game is a great start if you are looking for a great RPG to play on the Xbox 360.  It's definitely got enough for your money to spend.  3 Discs of adventure is definitely worth it.


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