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In My Opinion, The Best RPG On Xbox 360 5

Blue Dragon is an RPG for the Xbox 360.  It was released on August 28th, 2007 (USA).  NTSC Box Art In my opinion , Blue Dragon is the best RPG on Xbox 360.  This game was also the first multi-disc game for Xbox 360 by being 3 discs long.  Here is the story in a nutshell:  Blue Dragon follows the story of five friends (Shu, Jiro, Kluke, Zola, and Marumaro) as they travel across the world to confront Nene, the evil king of the Grand Kingdom.  In this review I'm going to briefly talk about the gra...

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Baby's First RPG 0

Insofar as RPGs go, this one has everything someone as OCD as myself could want: a HUGE list of collectible items, likable characters, gameplay that (while sometimes repetitive) doesn't involve much quick button mashing, and an almost fully interactive world [read: I can search almost everything and quite literally kick the rocks]. All of that was done well with, at times, amusing name translations for items and characters.The down side (and it's major considering my favorite RPG ever is Chrono ...

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The Essence of Mediocrity 0

Blue Dragon is a game that aims to take everything that everyone knows and loves about Japanes RPG's and package them all into one big game. Depending on your perspective, this is either the greatest thing on Earth, or something just short of Hell. I'm going to take the middle road on this one and say that while Blue Dragon does not introduce anything exceptionally new, revolutionary, or even distinguishing; it does take the JRPG elements that have been introduced in other games and refines them...

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Blue Dragon was extremely easy, but enjoyable RPG. 0

Blue Dragon reminds me of a mix of Final Fantasy X-2, Dragon Quest 8 and Evolution, maybe with dash of Okage: Shadow King for good measure. There was a few things that really peeved me about Blue Dragon, sure the game was extremely easy, sure the blur effects annoyed the crap out of me, sure the story was perfectly average at best, and sure the graphics weren't exactly blowing my mind. Outside of that, I really loved building up my job classes, I loved exploring the world around me, I loved the ...

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Blue Dragon: This is the beginning (constantly) 2

The first game developed by Mistwalker, a developer headed by the legendary Hironobu Sakaguchi, Blue Dragon is an adventure into a very strange world, and an interesting old-school JRPG style to it, which is both a gift and a curse, given that games have moved on in certain areas that Blue Dragon could have benefited from.So will this be an enormous waste of time? Probably. But let’s dig into it anyway!Our Heroes...and Marumoro, leading the charge into hopefully certain death.The story begins as...

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Wow does this game sucks 0

So yeah, honestly, what? I was hoping this game would be good but sadly it wasn't. A lot of the same complaints I made in my DQVIII review can also be applied here, but worse because this is a worse game than DQVIII. Now I played this game a while ago, so I don't remember every nook and cranny of it, but basically: WHERE'S THE STORY? I'm serious, WHERE IS IT?WHO'S THE FREAKING CHIPMUNK IN MY PARTY? Why is the main character a pathetic farce of a copy of Goku. No he's probably more like a c...

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Blue Dragon review. 0

Perhaps my first RPG I played on my Xbox 360 (before I eventually got to some other games) and I still have some memories with it. Lets go first on the gameplay...those familiar with the Final Fantasy series or any other turn based RPG will have no difficulty playing this...its pretty much the same thing, leveling up characters, turn based fighting, and all of that...What makes the game pretty fun is just how deep it is...the story is decent enough and the music also is magnificent...Nobuo Uema...

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A fun game if given the chance. 0

[Review originally posted on my gamespot account on December 14th 2008] Okay. Ive held off reviewing the game until I truly got my thoughts together. The game Blue Dragon is an Japanese Turn based rpg by Mistwalker. You play as Shu Jiro and Kluke 3 friends that live in a village that is being terrorized by an evil guy called Nene and they have to stop him (they meet up with 2 other characters by the way that join there party) They get these sepcial magical powers from these creatures that ...

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The JRPG dream team produce a rather lackluster snoozefest 0

 Blue Dragon by Mistwalker is what you would class as one the first next generation JRPG's. Created by an ensemble dream team of the genre, surely this title should be a measure of perfection that no others can hope to reach? Well no, not quite.There has always seemed to be two different class types in the JRPG genre. One in which the game is primarily story driven with a sparse amount of fighting and the other being a pure test of patience level grinding (albeit with subsequent rewards for your...

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A Shadow of a Great RPG 0

WARNING: May contain Spoilers and/or Bad Language!  By Hironobu Sakaguchi, father of the Final Fantasy franchise, you'd expect something epic.  So epic that no other story in the world could match what he could tell.  Since SQUARE, a lot has changed.  He joined Microsoft to develop RPG's for the Xbox 360.  Can he break the RPG barrier for the Xbox generation?  The story follows three friends: Shu, Kluke and Jiro.  What was once a peaceful world is now corrupted by the power that is Nene.  The u...

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Don't expect too much 0

After months of anticipation, Blue Dragon has finally arrived to western territories, to feed the hunger for a traditional turn-based RPG felt by so many eager Xbox 360 owners. Now that it is finally here, the question remains as to whether or not it was even worth the long wait.That's somewhat of a difficult question to answer because Blue Dragon comes through on many ends but simply cannot live up to many of the expectations on others. It's disappointing to realize that with so much creative t...

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Very good game! 0

At least 100 words? AAAA! Why? I just want to say its a really good game.. anyways,  this game kick ass very much. epic very at the end. epic all the way but last boss epique wit a Q! yeah! EPIQUE!!! EPIQQQQ!!! hahaha! yess.Shu is a half cool half retarded kid who like never give up or somtheng. kluke is a girl... jiro is a boy.. i think jiro means garlic... not shure... marumaro is bossman, wicked dude. totally awsom dude who talk in funny way.zola's just HOT.Nene is evil, and he has resemblens...

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A Great RPG, but it's to old-school for it's own good. 0

If you do not wish to read the full review I have made a brief; good and bad points about Blue Dragon.Good: Long story which spans over 3 discs, music is astounding, graphics suit the gameplay and style of Blue Dragon, animation and uniqueness for each characters spells/abilties are both amusing and cool to look at.Bad: English voice acting is not great, Playable Characters seem to have mostly jumped out of DBZ.Originally I did not show much interest at all in Blue Dragon, and the only reason I ...

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A world with enormous potential, but a generic polish 0

Blue dragon was suppose to be the answer for Microsoft in the japan department. Its purpose was to begin bringing rpg's for everyone. Well, if this is the best Microsoft has to offer in the terms of rpg's then im afraid we are missing out. Blue dragon places you in a village that is tormented by the land shark. Shu, Kluke, and Jiro decide to fight instead of hide like the rest of the village does. This even will lead you to a long journey to stop the evil nene and is sinister ways. The story se...

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Takes an old concept and makes it feel fresh all over again. 0

The Good: Interesting set of characters, superbly composed music, great voice acting, basic yet very deep battle and character customization system, beautiful graphics, a massive and immersive world to explore, the experience spands over 3 discs The Bad: Lacks in challenge, unstable framerate hurts an otherwise gorgeus looking game Young lad Shu is having a good time relaxing and wathing over his peaceful little village of his when suddenly a dark purple mist fills the area, everyone runs to s...

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Blue Dragon is a solid, classic RPG that is pure old-school. 0

The best compliment I can give BD (Blue Dragon) is just how simple and classic it is. If you've ever played an older Final Fantasy, you know the formula. Pros Simple, classic RPG mechanics. Monsters are on-screen, not random encounters. Field Barrier allows you to avoid fights, which is nice once in a while. Cons The Dragonball look just isn't cutting it. Framerate drops for no reason. Terrible story with ill-placed cutscenes. Gameplay As par the usual RPG, you'll have dungeons, towns, and ...

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A slow burner that eventually has you hooked. 0

The first 10 hours of play through this game had me nodding off at times but i stuck with it due to the fact that threre are very few traditional RPG's on the xbox360 so little else to play as an RPG fan.But i'm so glad i did  as the game gets a whole lot better once all the elements of gameplay are in place : you are finally fighting monsters that need a bit of strategic thought and preparation to beat, the story finally gets into its stride ,the latter locations are graphically exteremely well...

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It should have been called Purple Dragon 0

The very first JRPG for Xbox 360 by Mistwalker/ Artoon that was released in 2007 for the western audience. Since then Blue Dragon has become a franchise with two additional Nintendo DS games. Story is a epic fantasy and steampunk aspects. The main characters Shu, Jiro and Kluke live in a small village that gets tormented by purple cloud and nasty land shark. One day Shu throws a hissy fit and decides to put a stop on the land sharks. His not giving up attitude carries through the game whi...

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Technically sound, but bogged down by a weak story and characters 0

Blue Dragon is a really mixed bag.  On the one hand, if you're looking for a meaty traditional JRPG with some great bonus content, Blue Dragon is an excellent choice.  But on the other hand, if you're tired of cutesy anime-styled characters, weak plotlines, and laughably bad dialogue, then you'll probably want to steer clear of Blue Dragon.GRAPHICS & SOUNDBlue Dragon isn't a bad-looking game.  There are some framerate issues, especially at the start of combat, but those have mostly been iron...

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