Blue Toad Murder Files Quick Look?

#1 Posted by get2sammyb (6686 posts) -

Blue Toad Murder Files just came out in the US. It's essentially an episodic murder mystery game from the people who made Buzz!. The gameplay part is done through "pass the controller" quizzes and mini-games based on riddles and observational skills.
It's also ridiculously British. Like, so intentionally British it's even jarring to British people like myself.
I would LOVE to see you guys do a Quick Look of this game. Is it on the cards?

#2 Posted by SuperFlyXXI (16 posts) -

Agreed. I checked out the page for the game here. Not much there at all. I was thinking of getting it just because it looks decent. I think it's something my wife would enjoy.

#3 Posted by Globox82 (201 posts) -

maybe next week

#4 Posted by get2sammyb (6686 posts) -

Well, that's up. And as expected, it was pretty hilarious.
Best Quick Look in a while for me personally.

#5 Posted by Sjupp (1945 posts) -

The game seemed pretty boring but Ryan and Vinny are the best :3

#6 Posted by damswedon (3222 posts) -

Wow as a Brit I find it to be jarringly British.

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