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I was watching TV last night on Action and they kept showing a trailer for the game. When I first saw it, I kept thinking how they should make their own kart game, when it finally hit me that it was a commercial for Blur. 
It was the one where it looked like Mario Kart with Blur in the background, so what did you guys think about it? I thought it was clever and funny.

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It was a clever way to make fun of Mario Kart, but I wish it'd show more Blur gameplay in the ad.

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The commercial itself is very Activision!  It dresses Mario Kart's aesthetics in a really abrasive way, and then argues against this crazy strawman they've created.  They should be commended for finding a compelling way to advertise it in a way that isn't "Hey, we're PGR with cool mechanics and Mario Kart-style weapons!", but the fact that it so cheaply goes against the competition is kind of shady and lazy.

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Its about as good as an advert as I think this game will get. Comparing it directly to one of the Wii's best selling titles  will  (hopefully) catch peoples attention.

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Have you seen the French ads?  They aren't exactly progressive.  2 women dressed as powerups (well they might be dressed as strippers too) argue about which is better.  There is some prime pretending-to-play-a-game too.  
Ad 1
Ad 2
I definitely favor the Broklee ad.  I don't think the anybody is really slighting Mario Kart.  Clearly the people at Bizarre Creations like it or they wouldn't have merged it with their game.  

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