Power ups you like and don't like?

#1 Posted by Dr_Who (31 posts) -

Hey there guys as of now most people that have signed up for the beta have got a code now and have started playing it. A question for the guys that have started playing it what power ups do you like and what ones do you think they should cut from the game? 
Also for anyone else here is an extra code I have note all you need to do is enter this to the dashboard and you will get the beta:  

#2 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6789 posts) -

I actually like them all, I feel they're all balanced and fun. 

#3 Posted by nywt (439 posts) -

My favorite strangely is the shield. Couple that with the mod that converts shunts, bolts, and barges into usable power-ups and you've got yourself a winner.

#4 Posted by RedBullRacer (72 posts) -

I think I like them all too, only 1 of them I don't know what it does, it's an orange one and when I use it it just seems to put out an orange shockwave around me but I dunno what it does. My favourite is the red one, the missile, just love the way it floats down the road towards your target...but then, I love the way it makes you feel when you see one floating down the road towards you in ya mirrors lol Such good weapons, lots of skill involved as to when and where to use them!

#5 Posted by Trace (3556 posts) -

I dig the bolts. Nothing's more fun than taking all the speed off an opponent for a quick pass.
About the only weapon I haven't found a use for is the reverse-fired nitro, or airbrake (quite literally, since I've never used it). I've rarely seen a reason to slow down drastically at any point -- I'd much rather plow through a mine or weapon if I can't dodge it and use the nitro to recover speed. Maybe if the reverse fire was an extremely close range rear blast, like a "counter-draft" that slowed anyone directly behind you drastically, I'd find more use in it.

#6 Posted by nywt (439 posts) -
@RedBullRacer: I believe the orange one is the mine. Next time you use it take a look in your rear view.
#7 Posted by RedBullRacer (72 posts) -
@nywt: Ah HA! Thanks for that man, I will start placing that near all the good weapons then, like I noticed people kept doing. I thought that was people pressing Y to drop items and the game turned them into bombs lol dohh, thanks!
#8 Posted by Shadz (198 posts) -

My favorite is definitely the Barge.

#9 Posted by AjayRaz (12427 posts) -

the nitro and bolts. love them 

#10 Posted by Chokobo (1228 posts) -
@Dr_Who said:
CQ23J-3MH2G-93BHC-T24J3-GY2BY     "

Got this. :)
#11 Posted by Vager (1654 posts) -

Still have no idea what the lightning bolt power does.

#12 Posted by Trace (3556 posts) -
@Vager said:
" Still have no idea what the lightning bolt power does. "
It drops three lightning cylinders of blue "shock" on the ground in front of the leader, and will damage and slow down anyone who runs through them. They disappear pretty quickly after the leader drives by them, so it's mainly a means of trying to slow the lead car/pack down by making them swerve to avoid the lightning (although they can use a shield to drive right through it).
#13 Edited by OutOfBounds9000 (2300 posts) -

I call them extra guys
I like all extra guys :D

#14 Posted by Chokobo (1228 posts) -
@PsEG: The airbrake actually doesn't just slow you down.  It slows you down then boosts you.  Also, your steering is enhanced in the slow down state so you don't have to brake at all when coming up to a hairpin turn.
Anyhoo, my favorite is probably the bolt or mine.  I like that the mine, when shot forward is almost guaranteed to hit as ong as someone is directly in front of you.  Also fucking with people by firing bolts backwards is immensely entertaining.
#15 Posted by VinLieger (100 posts) -

Barge is deffinitely my favorite, always try to have at least 1 in my pocket and only feel safe if ive got 2, then leave the last spot free for everything else which i use immediately

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