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Being more of a traditional racer, I had mixed feelings about Blur from the start. On one hand, it's action-packed and a lot of fun, but on the other hand it can be a downright frustrating arcade/combat racer. The racing itself is fun enough to keep you going around the track, but the power-ups can either make or break each race. Like Blackrock's Split/Second, the idea here is not to simply outrace your opposition, but to sabotage them; once you get familiar with each of the power ups you can dish out some pretty impressive moves.
The cars in Blur are really well modeled but I found the selection rather peculiar in some instances. That's okay though, because it makes the game more original. Most of the cars handle well but there is no customization at all... not even rims! The track design, however, is less outstanding. Some of the courses are just really bland and don't provide great battlefields. The power-up placement is relatively tasteful although there are some spots were a few are harder to reach. Again, that just adds to the challenge, but is more often annoying than not. There aren't a whole lot of tracks in the game, mostly just variations, but perhaps BC will cook up some nice DLC soon.
Overall, Blur is a fun game but fell a tad short in my expectations... especially from the people who developed Project Gotham Racing. The level cap is too low, like most reviews are pointing out, so you can't unlock anything after level 25. Some of the race objectives are too easy and some a bit on the hard side. I'm a racing regular, so I don't mind the challenge, but I couldn't help feeling ripped off when I go from first to last place in a matter of seconds. The AI is very aggressive and the multiplayer races are typically full of chaos. The game definitely succeeds in creating a unique racing experience, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it to other traditional racers like myself... especially someone with a short fuse!


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